Boat Lifts

As a leading manufacturer of lifting systems for boats and other machinery, we know what it takes to create unique boat lifts that fulfill very specific requirements.

Our systems are the perfect solution for your boathouse, private slipway, garage, carport, or basement. Our customers include private individuals, local authorities, public and private marinas, and lakeside hotels and guesthouses.

We provide a range of different lifting systems for to meet specific requirements, from underwater cradle systems to hydraulic lifts.

A boat that stays in the harbor is safe. But that is not why boats were built.

Landolt Engineering Boat Lifts

Electric Boat Lifts

Our electronic boat lifts are quiet, require little maintenance, and can be operated via pendant controller or remote control.

.For boats weighing up to 3,200 kg
.Very quiet
.Little maintenance required
.Four-point mounted
.Optional underwater cradle system
.Pendant controller or remote control


Two-point, 1,500 kg
Two-point, 2,500 kg

Four-point, 1,500 kg, slings
Four-point, 2,500 kg, slings

Four-point, 1,500 kg, underwater cradle system
Four-point, 2,500 kg, underwater cradle system

Four-point, 3,200 kg, slings
Four-point, 3,200 kg, underwater cradle system

Hydraulic Boat Lifts

Optimal use of space, quiet, little maintenance required, and a maximum boat load of 18,000 kilograms – hydraulic lifts also provide a viable option for the hassle-free movement of your boat.

.For boats weighing up to 18,000 kg
.Very quiet
.Maximum use of height and width
.Little maintenance required
.Four-point mounted
.Underwater cradle system
.Pendant controller or remote control

Jetty Boat Lifts

.Hydraulically or electrically driven
.Guideways on one or both sides
.Can be mounted on a concrete or sheet pile wall
.Little maintenance required
.With an underwater cradle system
.Pendant controller or remote control

Telescopic Boat Lifts

The Problem:
.The boat needed to be raised out of and lowered into the water
.There was a small piece of land between the boat garage and the lake
.Space was limited
.The boat garage was positioned at a 90-degree angle to the jetty

The Solution:
.Electrically powered telescopic lift with crane trolley
.Electrically driven slewing bearing
.Two chain hoists to raise and lower the motorboat

Technical Data:
.Load capacity: 2,000 kg
.Traveling distance: 6,500 mm
.Turning angle: 90 degrees


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Custom Builds

Our motivated team is on hand to design and install an innovative custom solution for your boat lift.

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