Boatyard Equipment

Our boatyard equipment products make maneuvering loads on land much easier.

The powercat trailer tug, which has a load capacity of up to 15,000 kilograms, and our boat trailers (which can be towed using the powercat) make maneuvering boats on land incredibly easy.

Marina Systems such as Trailer Tugs, Boat Trailers, and Boat Dollies


Our powercat was developed in-house and is ideal for maneuvering boats and moving heavy loads on land. The powercat is a hitch-controlled trailer tug. It is designed for pulling the loads with the corresponding equipment (our trailers and hitches).


Updates to follow.

Boat Dollies

.Load capacity from 1,500 to 5,000 kg
.Effortless handling with the powercat
.Upholstered supports to protect your boat
.Height-adjustable front support
.Height-adjustable pivoting supports (rear)
.The position of the pivoting supports (rear) is adjustable for optimized load distribution
.100% hot-galvanized or chromed steel
.All replacement parts in stock at our factory

Hydraulic Tug

.For boats weighing up to 12,000 kg
.Effortless maneuvering with the powercat
.Upholstered supports to protect your boat
.Each support is independently hydraulically adjustable
.Controls at the front and rear support
.Model for yachts also available
.Custom builds for heavier boats also available
.All parts in stock at our factory

Harbor Crane

We had the privilege of installing a new harbor crane in beautiful surroundings at the yacht harbor in Arth.

.Load capacity: 7,800 kg
.Includes top boom for unstepping masts
.360-degree infinite rotational range
.Painted in Kibag blue
.Remote control

We also have a range of pillar jib cranes, mobile cranes, and other cranes.

The Latest Maneuvering Devices for Marinas

Our Trailer Family Is Growing All the Time




Static Boat Dollies – BW11-2000 Boat Dolly


Hydraulic Boat Dollies – BA11-15000 Hydraulic Boat Trailer

Consultation and Planning

We Provide Planning Support to Boatyard Operators, Local Authorities, and Investors