Maintenance of Lakeside Facilities

Maintenance of Lakeside Facilities

Sustainable cutting of seagrass and algae with a cutting depth of up to 2.5 meters.

Maintenance such as Cutting and Raking

Mowing and Raking

Our floating work vehicle is used for a number of different jobs in the water as well as along the shore. The long-term navigability of marina facilities is ensured by cutting seagrass and algae up to 2.5 meters below the water’s surface. A range of blade widths allows flexible use with optimized cutting performance, for keeping facilities from narrow boat sheds to wide shipping lanes free of plant growth. Maneuvering and cutting is possible in even the smallest of spaces (e.g. in very small harbors). Ground load is minimized, which means this vehicle is also suitable for use along shorelines and in reedbeds, and in particular in conservation areas. Maintenance use in lakeshore areas and open stretches of water to remove debris or driftwood can be carried out in no time at all. In addition, maintenance pruning in reedbeds can be carried out in agreement with the responsible authorities.


.Cutting seagrass
.Cutting algae
.Professional disposal of cut material
.Maintenance pruning of reeds and rushes
.Removal of driftwood
.Maintenance of conservation areas
.General water clearing work


.Boat sheds
.Bathing facilities
.Conservation areas
.Open stretches of water