Car Lifts

In the area of systems engineering, we design car lifts to meet your precise requirements and wishes. We would be delighted to find the perfect solution for your own personal car lift.

Landolt Engineering Car Lifts

Driver-On-Board Car Lifts

The perfect solution if there is no room for an access ramp and it is not possible or desired to construct a closed lift shaft.

We provide a car lift with a separate roof unit.

The Problem:
.No room for an access ramp in the parking garage
.Not possible to build closed lift shaft at ground level
.Accessibility from three different floors required
.Vehicles needed to be transported to all three floors with driver on board
.The lift also needed to serve as an entrance to the basement level
.As many parking spaces as possible needed to be created at ground level

The Solution:
.Lifting table with closed cabin for lifting vehicles and goods
.Also suitable for carrying people
.Roof closes the lift shaft at floor level
.One car can be parked on the roof and remain there when the lift is used
.Automatic operation
.Remote control
.Front and rear access to cabin
.Type tested

Technical Data:
.Lift load capacity: 2,500 kg
.Roof load capacity: 2,000 kg
.Lifting range: 5,820 mm
.Interior dimensions of cabin floor: 5,700 × 2,700 mm
.Lifting speed: 0.11 m/s

Car and Goods Lift with Operator

Do you build the building around the lift or install a custom lift in an existing building? In this example there was no space for an access ramp. Access also had to be possible from three different sides across three floors.

The Problem:
.No space for an access ramp
.Transport of goods and vehicles including an operator had to be possible
.Must be possible to access three floors
.Lift must be accessible from three sides

The Solution:
.Lifting table for lifting goods with operator with more than two stop levels
.Suitable for one person to travel on lift as an operator
.Automatic operation and inching mode
.Remote control
.Accessible from three sides
.Type tested

Technical Data:
.Load capacity: 4,500 kg
.Lifting range: 5,400 mm
.Platform size: 6,900 × 3,700 mm
.Lifting speed: 0.11 m/s

Single-Column Parking Lift

The Problem:
.Insufficient space in the garage
.Room height only 3,200 mm
.Room width only 3,400 mm

The Solution:
.Single-column car parking lift with movable electric platform
.Large watertight platform to protect vehicles on the lower level
.Movable electric platform to make getting in and out of the car easy

Technical Data:
.Load Capacity: 2,000 kg
.Max. vehicle height: 1,450 mm (with a room height of 3,200 mm)