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Dumpster Press

Dumpster Press for All Swiss Four-Wheeled Dumpsters

.Low floor space requirements due to robust and compact construction
.Highly versatile due to height of under 2 m
.Suitable for all standard Swiss dumpsters (660 l, 770 l, 800 l, and 1,100 l)
.Easy to use due to electro-hydraulic lever
.No installation costs as it can be plugged in to a standard three-pole 230 V socket
.Protects the dumpster during pressing by removing the load from the wheels and dumpster floor
.CE certified
.Swiss made


Technical Data:
Total height: 1,990 mm
Length: 1,240 mm
Width: 970 mm
Cylinder stroke: 700 mm
Volume reduction: up to 80% depending on dumpster contents
Pressing force: up to 3.5 t
Weight: 260 kg
Power outlet: 230 V


Automobile Turntable

The Problem:
.Floor-level turntable for vehicles
.Requested diameter larger than standard dimensions
.Quietness required

The Solution:
.Platform base made from multilayer boards and decorative metal sheets
.Steel substructure runs on bearing-mounted polyurethane rollers
.Frequency-controlled electric drive with remote control
.Adjustable rotation speed

Technical Data:
.Platform diameter: 5,800 mm
.Load capacity: 2,500 kg
.Turning angle: infinite