Lifting Tables

We produce lifting platforms according to your specific needs and measurements. We do not have a standard range. You decide the size of the platform, the lifting height and the maximum load weight.

Landolt Engineering Lifting Tables

18,000 kg lifting platform

The Problem:
.Transporting motor yachts to different levels
.With retractable railings on the pit and as fall protection on the platform
.Floor-level when in lowest position
.Traversable by trucks in lowest position
.Three stop levels
.Accessible from all sides

The Solution:
.Scissor-lift platform with 18,000 kg load capacity
.Locking mechanism supports for stability in upper stop levels
.Hydraulically retractable railing surrounding the platform
.Frequency-controlled automatic operation
.Light curtains for safety monitoring

Technical Data:
.Platform dimensions 17 × 6 m
.Lifting height: 6.7 m
.Load capacity: 18,000 kg
.Maximum traversable vehicle weight in lowest position: 30,000 kg