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Über Landolt Engineering

Wir sind seit über 40 Jahren auf Bootshandling spezialisiert.

Landolt Engineering AG

Wir sind seit über 40 Jahren auf Bootshandling spezialisiert.

Since Landolt Engineering AG was founded in 1969, the company has focused on providing consulting, design, and development services for challenging projects for boatyards, system engineering, and system building. After initially focusing on conveyance technology, the company has since continually expanded its expertise and resources to specialize in additional engineering fields.

The core strengths of the small but versatile niche company that manufactures mechanically engineered products are process optimization, problem solving, and technical expertise in all areas. Our innovative workforce is the perfect team and excels in providing the very highest quality for even the most challenging of projects.

We would be happy to provide you with more information regarding our wide range of engineering solutions.

Be Digital

As a company, Landolt Engineering AG follows the be digital strategy. This means that we aim to eliminate paper-based documentation and work materials and use digital media and design technologies. We have already implemented a number of measures to achieve this aim, including:

  • Purchasing new furniture and introducing a clean-desk principle
  • Beginning the digitalization of our archive
  • Reducing the use of paper
  • Only using print media for marketing purposes where necessary, for example for the nautical market

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